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Healing Stone Massage

This massage is among the most luxurious of them all. This is an ancient healing art form using warm stones to melt away muscle tension, facilitating the flow of relaxation through the body, mind and spirit. Stone massage integrates massage therapy, energy work, and thermotherapy. Incorporated into a Swedish massage session, hot and cool stones augment the benefits for which you seek massage: easing stress through quieting the nervous system, relaxing muscles and viscera with increased circulation, and aiding joint mobility. The heat and presence of the stones adds another, deeper level of relaxation to any massage. The energy and penetrating heat of the stones help tension just melt away, eliciting deep relaxation, soothing the nervous system, and melting the effects of stress. The stones are used both to perform massage strokes and to bring relaxing warmth to the body.

Muscle tension eases under the smooth pressure of the stones, allowing circulation to increase. As a result, irritating toxins are flushed away and the flow of healing nutrients is restored to muscles and other tissues, further aiding the release of tension and pain. Stone massage can be especially helpful for people with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and those recovering from injuries. It may also help relieve sinus pain and the discomforts of premenstrual syndrome. Athletes find it helps muscles and other tissues recuperate after a strenuous workout.

The healing stone massage experience has the ability to affect in a positive way our four lower bodies, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Sessions usually last an hour or more. This type of session has been described in many ways... Delicious, decadent, sensual, totally relaxing, and deeply therapeutic, a moving experience, comforting, and above all healing. Try it, it's wonderful.

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