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Sports Massage

Sports Massage is generally used to help improve athletic performance. Pre-event to warm and awaken muscles and to enable the athlete to train and perform more consistently at a higher level. Lighter Sports Massage is used post-event to cleanse the lactic acid build up from the muscles and to oxygenate the tissue and speed up recovery time.. Most often the Sports Massage is focused on the muscles and tissues used most in the athletes sport, i.e., runners focus on their legs and hips. The techniques used in Sports Massage include those used in Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage but may be combined with other techniques like stretching (PNF and AIS).

Sports Massage along with a flexibility program such as Active Isolated Stretching has the potential to increase athletic performance. Sports massage is often provided in four different contexts, each having their own unique goals towards performance improvement:

Prepatory: This is when the athlete utilizes massage regularly during training to improve fitness and recovery times prior to competition. The importance of Preparatory massage for the athlete is often understated. Frequent massage during training helps identify beginning dysfunction in the tissues, tendons, or fascia, and thus decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Pre-Event: Massage at this time is used to prior to the event (typically 15 – 30 minutes prior to the event) to help stimulate the nervous system, and warm the tissues, which will be used during the event. Typical pre-event massage strokes are compressions, hacking, cupping, vibration, percussion and facilitated stretching such as Active Isolated Stretching.

During Event: For athletes who must perform in long competitions, such as track and field events, multi competitions throughout the day (i.e. crew, etc.) massage between events is extremely beneficial in calming the nervous system, improving venous and lymph flow, and decreasing any “gluing” between muscle tissues, so that muscles are able to contract through full range of motion with power and efficiency.

Post Event: Post event massage centers on relaxation. This massage is aimed at calming the nervous system from the stresses of the athletic event. The aim is shifting the athletes body and mind from a competitive one (sympathetic state of central nervous system) to that of a relaxing one where recovery from mental and physical exhaustion is able to take place as well as digestion to assist with metabolic repairs (para-sympathetic state of central nervous system). Typical massage strokes during post-event are effleurage, friction, kneading, compression, and facilitated stretching such as Active Isolated Stretching.

Benefits of Sports Massage

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